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What is my IP?

I wanted a simple, free, no-limits way of finding out my own public IP. I also wanted a way to use it in my Java code so I wouldn’t need...

Redirect a Port or Socket

Before I started using VPNs, I wanted a way to connect to an IRC server running at from any of my devices, without compromising my IP address. I decided...

How to check if IP is private?

While designing systems that auto-scale, one of the roadblocks that I hit was being unable to identify the public IP of the machine I was running my code on.

Get Jetty Server port

I was working on a project where I had a central load-sharing server with multiple nodes to serve data from. I wanted the project to auto-scale, i.e. bring up new...

Docker on Windows 10: Getting started

For a recent project we decided to try out containerization, so I thought it’d be good to get my feet wet by playing around with Docker.

POST call to Jersey/Jax-rs endpoints with @FormParam using Retrofit @Field

As part of testing my endpoints, I use Retrofit. It is brilliant to say the least. But finding documentation on it can be a little tricky.