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Creating a new UBER keystore in Java

My quest for creating a new keystore from scratch I had to store a key in a keystore for a project I’ve been working on. Unfortunately all examples I could...

Applying Key Variants manually

What are Key Variants? In systems involving two parties securely transmitting information to each other, there is always some sort of “key exchange” process. One of these processes is to...

Jelly: Experimental RPC

jelly What the heck is Jelly? Jelly is an experimental Remote Procedure Call system that tries to minimize boilerplate code in distributed systems.

Tail Recursion in Scala

Tail Recursion in Scala

SBT complains about unresolved dependencies for multi-module projects

Or how I learnt a bit more SBT, and continue to be mildly disgruntled by the bomb

Raspberry Pi 3 Raspbian Jessie with WiFi, SSH, Headless Setup with No Keyboard or Ethernet

A quick guide to getting your Raspberry Pi 3 running in headless mode with SSH and WiFi without a Keyboard, HDMI or Ethernet