Welcome to my blog!

Here I post some caffeine induced code and mildly humorous ramblings.

I am passionate about coding, and learning new things. My adventures with code takes me to the cutting edge of technology and the edge of my mind as well :)

When things don’t work like they should, and I manage to finally figure it out and fix them, I make a blog post about it, hoping to spare people some pain.

This image explains exactly why this blog exists:

XKCD Wisdom of the Ancients

I try to include as much information about the errors I encounter so that people searching for their errors find my page quickly. I also try to include phrases which I have used myself while searching for a solution.

I hope I have helped you! If you’d like to help people too, and write some simple tutorials with practical examples on how to fix problems that you experienced yourself, please send me an email to [email protected]. I know my site isn’t a large platform, but it’s a start!